Technical Support Services

Our service-minded support team is here to help you if you have any technical issues with your 澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro eye tracker or any of our applications. 澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro Connect allows you to speak directly to our support team, access FAQs, and download up-to-date software.


Free Core Support for life

Through our customer portal, 澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro Connect, you receive an unlimited number of users for your account, you can access FAQs, tutorials, troubleshooting guides and downloads. You can get in touch and interact with our Support Engineers and manage your account and licenses. This is a free service and valid for the lifetime of your eye tracker.

澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro Premium Support

With this yearly plan on top of the Basic Support, you get fast-tracked service, access to phone support and remote assistance. Our Support Engineers can give you tips to improve usage as well as explain products concepts and features.

澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro Customer support portal

澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro Connect

To open a support ticket, read our FAQs, contact your account manager or to follow up on the progress of repairs and support cases, please visit our customer portal.

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Service description

A full description of the support services, including the terms and coverage of the product support contracts for both software and hardware from 澳门十大电子游戏App下载 Pro.

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